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Hypnosis is a safe & effective. It can help you overcome many problems that you may be experiencing. The Hypnosis Connection & Training Centre offers effective treatments that can help you to stop smoking, lose weight, overcome fears and so much more.

We understand each persons' issues are unique to them and you are encouraged to be fully forthcoming during our sessions. There’s not much we haven’t heard before although you can be assured. Subject to exceptions by force of law, anything we discuss is held strictly confidential.

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 Remove Fears
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 Drug Abuse
 Public Speaking
 Anger Issues
 Children's Issues
 Abuse Issues
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 Stage Fright

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Why Hypnosis?

Hypnosis can help you succeed when nothing else has worked!

People have become frustrated because nothing else has helped them achieve their goals. Hypnosis and self-hypnosis can help people like you succeed in making important changes in your life.

Were you aware that many of the most successful professional and Olympic teams use hypnosis to help their athletes?

Now you can use hypnosis to help overcome old issues or even if you want, grow to a new level of personal achievement.

Hypnosis can help with many different issues including pain management, stress related illness, weight-loss, and so much more.

It's that relaxed state your mind reaches just before you fall asleep (called "hypnagogic"), and again just before you wake up (called "hypnopompic").

Similarly, when absorbed in a good book or great film, when day dreaming, or when you miss your highway turnoff deep in thought, you're in a light but focused hypnotic state. It's a naturally occurring state of focused awareness, and a Consulting Hypnotherapist acts as a guide to show you how to prolong and deepen that state so you can make beneficial changes and improvements to your lifestyle and beliefs.


Your conscious mind, acting on subconscious memory, protects you from putting your hand on a hot stove by telling you, "That's hot! Don't touch it!"

However, when trying to stop smoking or lose weight by willpower alone, the subconscious mind also expresses your belief to your conscious awareness, saying … "That's too hard! I can't do that!"

Hypnosis bypasses those automatically arising, self-defeating responses by accessing the subconscious part of the mind directly, which like the submerged portion of an iceberg, is 80-90% of your brain function.


The subconscious is the seat of all your emotions, it carries habitual conduct, it’s the home to the imagination, and it remembers everything you’ve ever seen, done, heard, felt and learned.

The subconscious is also the home of your belief system, from where both negative and positive beliefs arise automatically. Through hypnosis, we bypass the conscious mind and re-programme the negative beliefs you’ve chosen to change, where unfiltered by conscious objection, positive changes occur.

The subconscious then informs the alert conscious mind of your new reality, allowing both to believe the same thing for rapid change.


After setting your alarm clock at night and just before falling asleep, when your last thought is, "I WILL wake up at 6:00 o'clock tomorrow ..." you probably surprised yourself by waking up minutes before your alarm went off.

You just gave your subconscious a post-hypnotic suggestion. That's how easy it is, and that's how much you're in control of the process!


We’ve all grown up with positive and negative experiences that have embedded themselves in our belief system.

If you grew up being told you will NEVER be a singer, you believe that.
If you grew up with negative suggestions that you weren’t a “pretty” child, that too becomes your belief.

For me, I became so afraid of insects at some time in my life that I couldn’t comfortably go to anyone’s cottage, not go outside without thinking about bugs.

As an adult, I couldn’t even go into a basement where I thought there might be spiders!

Finally I said enough is enough and sought hypnosis, which quickly and easily bypassed those restrictive, automatically arising beliefs so I could enjoy life and my reactions around bugs.

The Myths of Hypnosis


Television, movies and commercials throw subliminally masked messages at you in psychologically calculated short bursts for the duration of the show
… about lifestyle, about products they want you to buy, about how you should think, act and dress.
You have no control over what the media sends your way.
A certified Consulting Hypnotist, rather than bombarding you with directions like rapid burst commercials, is a guide.
We fully discuss any changes you want to make before any session.
As all hypnosis is a self-generated and naturally occurring, like increased levels of concentration, we show you how to develop and expand the ability yourself from the very first session. You have complete control at all times.


In stage hypnosis, presented for entertainment, not for therapy, people are screened for their heightened suggestibility and willingness to go along with the hypnotist’s commands and suggestions before the show.
Volunteers are naturally open to exhibitionistic tendencies and know they may be asked to laugh hysterically, to act like a child, prance around like a ballet dancer, or think they can speak in a foreign language.
In other words, by going up on stage, they tacitly give mental permission to be hypnotized in a show where entertainment is the objective.
In The Hypnosis Connections’ Hypnosis sessions goals and objectives are discussed and agreed upon before the client is entrained, and continuous clinical research has confirmed time and time again that you can’t be “made” to do anything against your intrinsic morals, values and beliefs while in a hypnotic state … even while on the stage!


As an example, in Britain, researchers gathered five exotic dancers together and separately, to test their independence while in a hypnotic state, they were instructed to remove their clothing, something they did every day in front of strangers while on stage.
However, independently of each other, they all refused. Asked why later, each stated that normally expected professional conditions (personal security, payment, etc.) were not in place at the time.
Your will does not become subordinate to the will of the hypnotist, otherwise we’d be running the world.


The misconception is that one is incapable of lying when in hypnosis, and that it robs you of the ability to keep embarrassing secrets confidential.
While in hypnosis, you will not spontaneously begin talking, nor reveal any intimate secrets you wouldn’t tell while in a waking state.
You are always in control with the Consulting Hypnotist acting as your guide, not your interrogator. No one in hypnosis can be compelled to blurt out things they don’t want to share. In fact, with a little effort, one can quite easily fib as well while entrained.


It’s proven that there’s a positive correlation between intelligence and hypnotisability, and as hypnosis requires concentration, the best clients are actually the more intelligent of the population.
Alternatively, even though also they enter the trance brain state twice a day, it’s difficult and often impossible to hypnotize people with an IQ under 70, psychotics, or severely detached individuals, as they aren’t able to concentrate for any substantive period of time.


Although the path into hypnosis parallels the brainwave path into sleep, relaxation is not a requirement to reach a hypnotic state.
A marathon runner, for example, will reach a light hypnotic state within one mile.
Medical studies have established that the EEG of a hypnotized person is indistinguishable from that of a person who is relaxed and alert with their eyes closed.
A sleeping person is unresponsive while a person in an entrained state, while appearing asleep, is very aware & responsive to the therapist.


This “sleep-like” condition is the effect of suggestion, not hypnosis, and the phenomena of hypnosis can easily be elicited in the waking state.
In fact, hypnosis is a heightened level of awareness and well-being, and all five senses become elevated and you hear and remember everything that’s going on, and can easily respond to your surroundings appropriately.


The uninformed fear is that if the Consulting Hypnotist becomes incapacitated during a session and goes unconscious, that the client will be “stuck” there until they’re “brought out.”
Hypnosis requires rapport and interaction to sustain and if the practitioner stopped communicating with you, you will simply drift off into a natural sleep and awaken naturally a short time later.


The Hypnosis Connection…gave me the life I was meant to live.

My whole life I have suffered from weight, self-esteem and love issues, and one day I had had enough of the confusion, hurt, and self-loathing, and made a phone call to Peggy, asking…no, pleading for something…HELP…help to get my life in order.

I had been in and out of therapy, to deal with the years of sexual abuse I suffered, and honestly, I had thought I had dealt with it well…but I hadn’t.

My health was poor, diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and a weight of 308 pounds.

My call to her was, for the last attempt to sort things out, to try to do something, anything to not feel so… worthless….

Embarrassed about seeing a Hypnotherapist, I kept it a secret, and went to see Peggy….I left that first meeting with hope…real hope…she cared about what I said, and how I felt.

I could really feel that, and I made another appointment.

We discussed what I wanted out of life, how I felt about things and then she came
up with a plan…for me, for MY needs.

Over the next few weeks, I slowly, not to slowly, but more and more I noticed how my thinking and reacting to different situations had changed, for the better…less tension, more decisiveness, I was fine in my beliefs, and was able to think and process things as an adult!!! Finally life was becoming what I should have always had, but never had the skills to

My eating was under control, I exercised with vigor, and my whole being was blossoming…my relationship with my wife grew, and my kids now had a father who participated, not spectated.

My sessions with Peggy, altered my spiral into flight, soaring high!

Now three years on, my weight has been stabilized, my health has never, ever been better…no more high blood pressure…no more diabetes…no more sleep apnea, no more E.D.

I have energy and drive and confidence to do anything…I mean anything, as there is no project or activity that I feel I couldn’t do.

The sessions could be difficult, but Peggy always made sure I left relaxed and feeling great, because she cared about me, not as just another client, but as a person, a person who wanted help to become full, and for that I am eternally grateful. Words, simply cannot express how I feel about her help.

I mentioned about how I told no-one that I was going for hypnosis for my weight-loss, but now I tell everyone who says they want to become healthy and are struggling, to try Peggy, and her sessions…to truly become our full person, we must release and deal with the past, as hurtful and scary as it sometimes may seem, or may not seem…but that is the key.

I spent years and years and thousands of dollars trying different therapy, more than I would like to mention, but Peggy and hypnosis was the only one that worked, and 3 years on it still does.

I have referred friends, and they have been helped as well, life changing as well… Thank you Peggy…


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