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Interlife Journey

Life Between Lives

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What happens to your soul after the body's physical death?

This course discusses the concept of Bardo, or a place between lives, where the soul returns to Source to continue learning, and living, with its soul family and friends.

We'll show you how to access soul memories and bring learning into this lifetime through a trance-induced "superconscious" state of awareness that brings a deep sense of love, compassion and an understanding of our life's purpose.An experiential course, with soul permission, you'll experience the process yourself and during the training and practice you can personally experience an enhanced understanding of why this current life may have been chosen, why you chose to face certain challenges during this lifetime, and what other soul needs are being met and fulfilled in this current lifetime.

You Will Learn

  • Different ways of accessing a super-conscious awareness of the Interlife
  • How to reconnect with Your Higher Consciousness
  • How to Conduct the Journey through the Interlife
  • Your Soul's Purpose in this Life
  • How to communicate with Loved Ones in the Interlife
  • The Role of Grace and Karma in Death
  • Higher Self Chooses Life Lessons, and much more ...

Hypnosis Practitioner Certification (required)
Past Life Regression Certification (required)

Dates to be Announced 

($50.00 non refundable deposit required to confirm your seat)

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Your Instructors

Peggy Kelly-Davies
is a highly experienced Consulting Hypnotist and Certified Instructor, Speaker, and Author. With clients visiting her from all parts of Ontario. The senior 5-Path hypnosis Instructor in Canada, Peggy is a highly intuitive, award winning Board Certified teacher recognized as one of the leading trainers in the country.

Rev. Timothy Jones was in civil intelligence for a quarter of a century, where he became professionally active in Forensic Hypnosis in 1986. Changing career direction in 2000 following a life changing event, he trained in bereavement support and counselling, which he offers from his clinic in Caledon south. Joining NGH in 2006 and certified as an NGH Instructor in 2008, he successfully wrote his Board exams in 2009, qualified as a Fellow in 2011, and was awarded the Order of Braid, conferred for significant contributions to the profession in 2015 (after Dr. James Braid (1795-1860), hailed as the father of modern hypnotism) at the 65th anniversary of the NGH.

With an active hypnosis practice, Rev. Tim teaches advanced and specialty courses to certified practitioners, writes a regular column in NGH's professional journal, and is published along with internationally recognized motivational speaker Bob Proctor in "CONCRETE JUNGLE - Survival Secrets for the Real World" (Insight Publishing, ISBN #978-1-60013-949-9)

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