Hypnosis Certification

This is the only Place in Canada where this training is available: Powerful Hypnosis techniques that lead to positive and consistent results with your clients.

I am seeking motivated people who want to make a difference in peoples’ lives and who want to take their current or start a new hypnosis career to the next level.

I left a 15-year position as a Computer Programmer for a career in Motivational Hypnosis, which came about as a result of seeking hypnosis for a childhood fear of insects, making her life very uncomfortable during Ontario summers. So impressed with the effectiveness of the science, i trained as a Consulting Hypnotist, and later certified as an Instructor of Hypnosis. I competed my initial training with Dr. Georgina Cannon, then successfully completed advanced training in the US in the highly effective 5 Phases of Advanced Transformational approach under process founder Cal Banyan personally. Through the clinic in Bowmanville, ON., I am dedicated to helping my clients and students succeed in a supportive and confidential environment.

We are going to be spending 10 highly focused days with an group of elite students who desire to:

make a difference in other people’s lives

learn the art & science of hypnosis

setup and run a successful hypnosis practice

Let me teach you how to make a difference in peoples’ lives
while building a successful hypnosis practice.

All basics required by the National Guild of Hypnotists

How to hypnotize

Depth testing

Writing hypnotic suggestions

Emerging your client from hypnosis

Then you will learn 5-PATH® and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®

5-PATH® provides you with the skill necessary to work with most problems that come into your office, including fears and phobias, addiction,
psychosomatic illness, learning difficulties, sexual issues, trauma issues and much more.

What is 5-PATH? ® 5-PATH®? Is short for
Five Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnosis? It is a systematic approach
to conducting hypnosis that includes some of the most powerful techniques
available to the modern professional Hypnotists.

Using these powerful techniques leads to positive and consistent results. And because you learn to use these techniques consistently you become skilled and confident in their use.

When you learn to use 5-PATH you join the ranks of some of the very best hypnotists in the world.

In our training course you will learn how to use:
Waking Suggestion

Nonverbal Suggestion

Instant Inductions

Rapid Inductions

Covert Deepening and Testing Techniques

Convincers That Prove To Your Clients That They Were Hypnotized

Age Regression

Forgiveness Therapies

Parts Mediation Therapy?

These are the tools that bring success over and over again. You will not only learn the tools, but you will learn in what order to use them for maximum results every time.

This Program Prepares You To Start Seeing Clients Right Away

You will learn the art and science of hypnosis and how to set up and promote your practice. Independent research has shown that graduates of this program are successful. Gain the respect of your colleagues when you add hypnosis to your skills. This program goes beyond the basics so that you can succeed in the growing profession.

Upon completion of this course and examination, you will receive certification in the use of 5-PATH ® Advanced Hypnosis along with your certification as an NGH Certified Hypnotist.

This course includes 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® which is a process of Advanced Self Hypnosis.

You will learn by doing. You will learn how to take yourself into hypnosis and then how to teach others to do the same.

Upon Graduating From this Hypnosis Program You Get Even More!
FREE web page on this site in our Hypnotist Directory.

FREE ongoing support through our International Online E-Mail Group on Yahoo!

FREE membership in the International 5-Path ® Hypnosis Association

Introductory Offer ~ Limited Time

Register Today to reserve your spot at 2016 prices to guarantee your seat in our information packed, fun and interesting Accelerated Hypnosis Program

$500 deposit required
Tuition includes manual and certificates.

Course consists of lecture, videos, demonstrations and practice time.

Payment plans are available!

When you place a $500 deposit toward your $1985.00 + HST Advanced Enrolment, you will be contacted by our office to setup payment options for outstanding balance.

After Full payment of Accelerated Hypnosis Connection Program you will be contacted by our office to confirm your placement in the Accelerated Hypnosis Program at The Hypnosis Connection in Bowmanville.


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