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Anxiety Release - Wednesday Oct 3rd - 7-9 pm - $97.00 plus tax

Stop Smoking - Monday Oct 2nd - 7-9 pm - $125.00 plus tax

Past Life Regression Workshop 

Tuesday June 27, 2017 (7pm - 9pm)

$75 + Tax

Have you ever wondered if you've been here before! Are you curious to know who you were, what you did and if you brought any of it though with you to this life?

So many unanswered questions!
Now you have an opportunity to find out! Peggy will guide you though a Past life Regression session allowing you to find out the answers to some or all of these questions

Past Life Regression
Were you here before?

You Could

 Find out why you keep repeating the same mistakes over and over
 What is causing you to stay in a dead-end relations?
 Or maybe you are just curious about your past life or lives?

Past Life Regression is an amazing way to heal past wounds and move forwared to a happy, fulfilling life. It can heal you emotionally/physically and spiritually by letting go of the past.

Get in the ZONE by tapping into YOUR inner mind - TBA

Whether you're a parent, athlete and are motivated and want to enhance your performance or your athletes performance this workshop is for you.

The best athletes in teams are mentally tough and bounce back quickly from challenges when they arise. Developing mental skill is increasingly recognized as an important part of any athletes training. YOU HAVE THE POWER to improve your performance and achieve mental mastery!

In this workshop you will learn and experience:

 The Impact of Sports Hypnosis

 "The Zone", a heightened state of focus and concentration

 Mental Rehearsals

 Techniques to Stimulate Healing

 Tips to Remove Performance Anxiety

 Mental Exercises Used by Athletes

 Techniques to Enhance and Maintain Top Performance

If you are MOTIVATED, have the discipline AND WANT TO ENHANCE your performance or your athletes performance this one-day workshop is for you.


Corey McCusker is a Mental Performance Coach, Motivational speaker and contributing Author. She is a Master Practitioner of NLP and Hypnosis. After 20 years in the Financial Industry she took the leap and founded "Your Mind Matters", a unique private coaching and training company that helps tweens, teens and adults take control of their lives by harnessing the power of their minds.

Corey's program "Breakthrough Your Boundaries" has assisted many people in overcoming stress, anxiety, emotional roadblocks such as anger, grief, fear and guilt. She helps design a customize program to achieve success be it in your personal, professional or academic lives.Because of her love of sports she created "Master The Mind, Master The Game" which assists athletes in overcoming performance anxiety, removing distractions and achieving focus and concentration better known as "THE ZONE."

Corey is an athlete herself and is an active ice, floor, ball hockey player, golfer and equestrian rider.She is also a contributing author of the book "The Power of Women United", a Canadian best seller which focuses on how to build strong personal and professional relationships and shares some great networking techniques.

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